Burger & Lobster

Before my London trip, I already had a mental list on the places that I had to, had to, had to try when I was there and Burger & Lobster was one of them. I think my sisters were sick of me going on about it, given how often I talked about it! Honestly, I was never really a lobster person until recently but after seeing all those beautiful pictures of lobster rolls on Instagram (I swear, having an Instagram is bad for your waistline) - I was dying to try it. After a lovely morning walk through Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland one morning, we made our way to the Burger & Lobster at Clarges Street and although we made it there by 11:45 (the restaurant opened at 12), there was already a queue! But I suppose this was to be expected, given the strict no-reservations policy and its popularity.


My family ordered a total of four lobster rolls and two whole lobsters (although in the end we had a total of five rolls as the waitress accidentally spilled some coke on a half-eaten lobster roll and replaced it with another one).

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So I had the lobster roll which was basically a toasted brioche bun stuffed with lobster meat, served with garlic butter, a side salad and fries. The meat was succulent and the brioche bun was the perfect complement to it, with its crisp exterior yet a soft, buttered interior. I normally skip out on the bread when I'm getting full and focus on the meat, but this bun was just too good to ignore. I could have even eaten it on its own! The garlic butter was an amazing touch, poured over the meat it provided an explosion of flavours in the mouth. The garlic taste wasn't too strong (such that it would give you bad breath when you eat too much), which I also really liked.

the interior of the lobster roll


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My parents had a whole lobster each and judging by how they did alone, I would say the lobster must have been pretty good because my mom managed to finish pretty much the whole thing by herself - a feat rarely achieved, so this definitely says something! As did my dad (although him finishing his food is not so rare), who polished off a whole lobster along with a lobster roll and a bit.

Oh, and I must give the fries a special mention! I am a real sucker for fries - especially when you add a bit of truffle oil and/or truffle shavings (hence the name, trufflebeth). But that aside, fries are my best friend. Or one of my best friends. These fries were lovely and crispy, just how I like them. They were also well-salted, another plus point! After I was stuffed to the brim, I continued picking at them.

Although we only ate lobsters despite the restaurant's name being Burger & Lobster, my uncles tried the burger upon their visit to the branch in Soho and they said that it was disappointing, but please do drop a comment if you have personally tried any of their burgers and have feedback on it, for I would be quite interested to hear any!

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They have quite a few branches across London, so you can head to their website here to find the exact addresses and opening hours! Enjoy :)