Peppermint White Chocolate Cookies

I know Christmas was over months ago, but after Christmas came New Years', and then the new semester begun, and since then I've been swept up in a sea of Constitutional Law readings (endless!), trying to navigate my way around Corporate Deals, and staying afloat with Equity and Trusts.  2017 started off on a great note - dinner at a homely, yet classy, Mexican restaurant, followed by coffee and a dessert "buffet" at the St Regis lobby with my best takeaway from 2016. I say "buffet" because the cafe side had actually ran out of desserts by the time we reached (it was approximately 11pm), so they offered to let us take whatever desserts we wanted from their buffet selection as long as we could fit them on a single plate.  We had about three desserts on each of our plates. What a steal, and a wonderful New Years' it was. 

These cookies were actually part of a Christmas Dessert Box that I did up for some close friends and family members. Each box included a slice of a baileys white chocolate cake, a stack of these peppermint white chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip oreo cookies, and a cute little cupcake holder of cinnamon-spiced granola! 


These peppermint-white-chocolate-cookies are really a simple modification of my favourite chocolate-chip-cookies, and they have the same crispy-chewy texture but with a Christmassy feel to them.  Peppermint is a strong and potentially overpowering flavour, so I would recommend adding it with restraint - three-quarters of a teaspoon did the job for me.  Feel free to add more/less depending on your tastes, but always start by adding less than you intend to and taste the dough along the way as you do - you can always add more peppermint, but once it's in, you can't get it out! 

The sweetness of the white chocolate pairs wonderfully with the peppermint - sweeter than your regular milk or dark chocolate, it is perfect for cutting through the sharp mintiness (minty-ness? mint-ness?) of the peppermint.  I like my white chocolate in abundance; just add as much as you'd like.  Give this recipe a go - Christmas may be over but the spirit lives in us all year round, no? 

To make this recipe, just follow my Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe here, adding a three-quarter teaspoon of peppermint extract together with the vanilla, and replace the regular chocolate chips with an abundance of white chocolate chips. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2017 thus far :-)