June in Film ⚓︎

It's that time of the month again! June began with two rounds of travelling, to Sydney and then Bangkok, respectively. It was then followed by rag practices and catching up with friends, and work. A good half of my pictures (or more) from this batch of film is from the two rounds of travelling I did, I think, and the rest from all over the place. 

This post is kind of overdue. Maybe kind of is an understatement; we're already (almost) midway through July (oh no oh noooo). Time is going by at an astonishingly fast rate. :-( 

One of my favourite pictures from this roll. Took this through the glass window from my room on the 25th storey. I had an amazing view. 

View of Darling Harbour, taken on our first morning on the way to the aquarium. It was a beautiful morning :-)

A train station // Shoes found hanging on a power line

And I’ll be here by the ocean just waiting for proof that there’s sunsets and silhouette dreams.
— You Be The Anchor, Mayday Parade

Bondi Beach, where we watched the sunset and watched waves crash against the rocks. I tried to capture the breaking of the waves, especially the larger ones, but it wasn't always successful. (Evidently)

The Grounds of Alexandria. Altogether a lovely place, and I like the whimsical touch film gives it. 

One thing that I really like about the Taronga Zoo is how it is a sort of safe haven from the city, a place where the animals are given the space to roam (relatively) freely and just how open it all is. So close yet so far. The view of the city is stunning, especially at the giraffe enclosure. 

Shots taken while walking around the city/relaxing on the grass. I love the abundance of beautiful grass patches in Sydney, and I miss how the sun wasn't harsh and unrelenting; but gentle, as it casts a soft glow over the city. 

A block of HDB flats in Dakota. 

My two favourite uncles ever, on our trip to Bangkok. I wish I'd remembered to use my film camera more while we were there, but all I've got are these two pictures (and a few other painfully underexposed ones).


Path to school #1!!! 

Taken in the Jalan Besar area after a lunch one day; tried to capture the flowers (??) in the photo on the left but didn't expect to get so much of the road in the background oops. 

CBD sights 

Marina-ish. Undoubtedly, one of my favourite ares in Singapore. 

Ending off with the momentous cap-throwing to mark the end of the POP (Passing Out Parade)! It's a very proud moment, and I'm glad that I was there to experience it despite having to brave the insane rain. :-) 

So that's the first half of the year gone by in a flash, and here's to an even greater second half! In other news, my dad is currently hunting for his old Pentax film camera (the one that all my baby photos were taken with) to send for repair so that I can use it!! A little excited to be moving past my incredibly amateur disposable camera, although I really like this baby as well. The cost tho :-(