Bircher Muesli, featuring Ojo

One of my favourite things to do when baking is just eyeballing ingredients and hoping that everything turns out all right. Of course, I can't quite do this too much with the main four - butter, flour, sugar and eggs - baking still has its fundamentals in science. But with everything else, well, life's a playground. 

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Eyeballing ingredients is a major part of cooking, too. Add a dash of salt to your soup. It's not enough? Just add another dash of salt. Life's too short to go about calculating every detail, and sometimes, the best results arise from a combination of love and luck. 

I first tried bircher muesli at a cafe in Bangkok called Rocket Coffeebar (review on that will be up soon)! It was one of the best things I've had in a long time, and I loved how the oats, despite being soaked in milk and orange juice, weren't all disintegrated mush and clump.  It was also (pretty) healthy, so that was nice to know. Apparently, Bircher Muesli is named after a doctor who created this bowl of "little mush" to inject more fruits into his patient's diets. 

This bowl literally took me ten minutes to throw together, and I see this becoming a regular breakfast of choice for me as July approaches and life starts to pick up again. I feel like July's going to be a very exciting month. For starters, I joined rag - it stands for receiving and giving, and it's an annual charity event held by NUS, and involves every faculty (and hall, I think) creating a float and putting up performances. I joined the dance component, and I'm still pretty surprised at myself to be honest. I have absolutely no dance background at all, unless you count a few lessons of ballet which I took when I was four. But I'm liking practices so far - dance is actually hella fun. The conditioning is a bit of a pain though; it also leaves me in pain. I woke up aching this morning, but I guess that's not quite a bad thing. #roadtofitness2k15 

This week it's mostly been learning and fine-tuning, and just getting to know people (for me I guess). I feel as though I missed out a lot not going for law camp LOL but I don't quite like how I feel as though I need to justify why I didn't go. Everyone's pretty nice though, and generally quite accepting and inclusive. I'm thankful that I haven't encountered any judgmental people when I say that I'm from an International school (Lesha and Manisha say it's because I'm Chinese...) haha not that it really matters anyway, I have nothing to be ashamed about. 

And TOKYO! I'm so excited, because the last time I went to Tokyo I was fourteen years old and I didn't like sushi and sashimi so all the good stuff was wasted on me back then. Now, however, I'm going to eat it all. ALL. I also can't wait to try the coffee there, I already have a list of places I want to go to. And I might be meeting Joanelle, a friend I made from EYW, there as we recently discovered that our trips overlap by a significant amount hehe. :-))))) 

Back to the bircher; I didn't know that dogs were into bircher muesli as well. There's lots of Ojo (my toy poodle) in this post as she followed me into my room this morning where I was trying to eat my breakfast, and she kept trying to steal bits of it. She's such an adorable ball of fur, and one of my favourite things in this world. 

The recipe, if you could call it that, is simple enough: fill your bowl (or mason jar!) with oats and milk up to the surface of the oats, add a teaspoon of chia seeds and a dash of vanilla, and stir it all together. Add toppings and mix-ins as you wish. Like a mashed banana, or berries, or cocoa powder, maybe even matcha powder. Anything goes, really. Leave it in the freezer for ten minutes before devouring it. 

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