Aloha Poke

Aloha, December! 

My first proper meal of December was at aloha poke, the new hawaiian-inspired joint in the CBD. It's located at Amoy Street, just at the corner where the alleyway leading to The Flying Squirrel is. It smells heavily of coconut, and random plants and hawaiian objects are littered around the cafe. It felt like a bit of an awkward mix of cute and professional. They cater mostly to the working crowd, and I would think that at least half of their customers do takeaways. It doesn't really seem like the kind of place for a nice, long, sit-down lunch anyway - the atmosphere felt kind of rushed and hurried, like everyone around us had somewhere or something to get to. It probably had to do with the fact that my sister and I were the only two people who weren't dressed up in office wear. 

The ordering system is like maki-san's: you take an order sheet and a pencil, and simply tick the boxes. Idiot-proof, and I like how they ask for your name here instead of giving you a random number. It feels a lot more personal; service is generally good here. Basically, they have three bowl sizes, each coming with one (75g), two (150g) or three (225g) servings of poke. You can choose between ahi tuna, salmon and/or a vegetable option. My sister and I went for the medium-sized bowl, with two servings (150g) of poke: me because I wanted to try both the ahi tuna and salmon, she because she was hungry. 

In addition to the ahi tuna and salmon, I opted for brown rice, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and avocado as my toppings. Each bowl also comes with pineapples, scallions, lime and a whole lotta salad leaves. I loved the brown rice, which was cooked to perfection - it had a lovely bite to it! The tuna and salmon were pretty fresh and well-seasoned, although the tuna was a little on the salty side. It reminded me of teppei's "special sauce", which is a good sign as I do like their barachirashi very much. 

I felt like everything didn't quite go very well together though. The salad leaves were rather out of place, and my sister and I found the dressing too bitter for our tastes. The pineapples were sweet and juicy, but they would have probably been better off as a side. It was quite a pity, as each individual component would have done better on its own, but I guess this is how things are done in Hawaii! 

On the bright side, I thought this was quite healthy - given the ginormous amount of salad leaves! I guess this would be a good place to takeaway a quick and healthy lunch in the CBD, at a decent price. Do try the water if you have a chance to, though - they're truly repping the whole hawaiian thing with their watermelon-and-tropical-fruit-infused-water. (I can't remember the rest of the fruits, hence 'tropical-fruit-infused'). That was good.