Photos from the West Coast

I was clearing some photos on my phone today, and found all these photos from my trip to the West Coast of the USA in 2013! For some reason, not all my photos were there but here are some of the nicer ones that I've managed to find and import into my laptop. On this trip, I went to San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and Monterey, California. Unfortunately, however, my Yosemite photos are missing from my phone so I guess this will be a (somewhat awkward) collection of part 1 and 3 of my trip! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_0330


A distinct feature of San Francisco is its hills - there are hills everywhere, or slopes - whatever you'd like to call them. I'm just thankful that my parents decided to rent a car for the trip, although climbing these hills on a daily basis would do wonders for my fitness (albeit temporary).

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Made a trip to Blue Bottle Coffee, but unfortunately this was before I got into coffee...

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City lights bookstore! If I'm not wrong, it has appeared before on a buzzfeed list of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, and I'm really glad to have been to at least one of them so far. Hope to go to more in the future!

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Day trip to Stanford University.

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Bits and bobs -

IMG_0665 IMG_0820

Monterey Days

IMG_0985 IMG_1015 IMG_1030 IMG_1032



Visited the loveliest crepe shop - if I'm not wrong, the name was crepes of brittany and the crepes were fantastic. One of those things when you just remember how amazing the taste of it was but you've forgotten too much to be able to put it into words.

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 Other things

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 We celebrated my sister's birthday in Monterey, and my mom baked a lovely cake!

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The beautiful house that we stayed in -

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 Oh, how I wish that I could go back there sometime soon. It's such a beautiful place. I've recently been hit with a bout of wanderlust - maybe it's seeing people travelling everywhere and the pictures that make me just want to go somewhere. I just finished a month-long internship at a law firm (which explains the lack of bakes recently), which was a great experience and I met some awesome people. But I kind of want to take some time off and fly somewhere and um, eat. Or explore. Something, anything.